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1 year down

July 6, 2017

Its one year today since he went away.  One down and 7 years to go.  Time goes fast in one manner of speaking, yet so slow when there is no one to share it with.  

The worst time is at night, when the kids are in bed, the house is quiet and there is no one to talk too.  Silence can be deafening, to the point that it becomes depressing. 

When your husband goes to jail, he is not the only one imprisoned.  The family is also imprisoned. Suddenly you see life very very differently.  You don't look at people the same anymore, you stop caring about all the insignificant things and you live a life in limbo.  You are married, but have no partner.  He is there but he isn't able to be with you.  You aren't single and your not divorced, nor are you a widow.  You live a life in the 'in between' where society shuns you for actions of a family member, you don't get invited to 'couple' events and you don't hang out with single friends because your not single.  If theirs a hell then this is it.  My husband is living it on the inside and I am living it on the outside.  Its worse then a death.... there is no closure, your reminded every minute of each day of the accident, and when you go to explain it to someone, or tell them your husband is in jail, they automatically label you or place you in a 'catergory' of 'her husbands in jail'.  You can hear the whispers in the wind as you walk.


My husband was found guilty of culpable driving by negligence, in the state of Victoria, Australia.  That is he drove in a manner that was negligent causing the deaths of two other people in another car. He set out that day to have lunch with a friend, all the right intentions. I wish he had never gone that day, for the result has devastated not two but three families.  An absolute tragedy where there are no winners, yet the media had to make a villain out of someone and unfortunately that was my husband.  The cascade of events that occurred from that accident point on changed the entire path of mine, my husbands and my childrens lives completely from that day forward.  


And not all is as what it seems.  The media did a fine job on trialing my husband before we even made it to court, and did not bother to report the truth.  After nearly 3 years, now I know the absolute truth of what happened on the road that day, and its time everyone knew.  Nothing was as it was reported, and now after going through a 'circus of a trial' and a dismissed appeal, I now see clearly the faults in our Victorian law, legal and police system that everyone needs to be aware of..... because if one thing good has to come out of this mess and tragedy it is that no one should ever go through what we are going through now, because of serious faults within our system.  I thought Australia was better then this.


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