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The Dim Sim Lady

July 31, 2017

I love the dim sim lady. She's kind, compassionate, understanding yet has immense underlying strength. Her name is Helen and she serves up the best fried dimmys in my area. She has a kind face and is easily approachable, she shows compassion towards hubby and mine situation she is the only one to ask me in this town directly how people are towards me. No one since hubby has gone away has asked me that, but she knows what people are like - the whispers, the wonderings and the pity that people place upon you. You see Helen has strength - immeasurable strength - she has walked the path of a life in limbo like the one hubby and I are walking at the moment, but hers was a path battling Cancer. She made it to the other end of that difficult path and is a survivor. Hubby popped in there most afternoons to grab something to eat and have a chat to Helen. He admired her strength, determination her hard working, can do attitude. Hubby had immense respect and still does for Helen. When Helen says 'say hi to him for me', I know that she really means it. One day soon hubby and I will be at the end of that path - we just didn't anticipate it being this rocky, but with people in your life like Helen, life gives you gentle reminders to keep pushing on. 


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