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June 2, 2017


This phone call is from a prisoner at _____ Prison.  It is unlawful for this phone call to be recorded or redirected to another number, or be part of a conference call.  If you do not wish to take this call hang up now, if  you do please proceed...   This recording is from the 'anonymous caller' on my home phone, and she actually chews up 14 seconds of the 12 minutes I have to speak with my husband on the phone when HE CALLS home.


The humble telephone that sits on my office desk, is my only sole daily connection to my husband.  He gets 12 minutes no more, and if you run out, then he has to call back.  He gets a phone allowance of $50 per month, so phone calls are limited on times and days.  When Nick first went away, I literally sat by the phone all day and waited....and cried....and waited.... and some days he wouldn't call.  Some days he couldn't call when there was lockdown and other days he simply had run out of money.  


The worst is when they move him to a different prison - they don't call you to tell you they are moving, they tell him when hes locked in a cell and can't call you, and then they move him early morning so again he can't call.  Its a really cruel system they way they play this 'don't call the family game'.  Thats happened a few times now, and its stressful and gut wrenching.  You simply can't think or function.  All you are doing is waiting for the phone to call to see if he is ok.


Its ironic you know.  Hubby and I never used to call each other.  If anything I would call him more, but he would never call me.  We weren't the type of couple to talk on the phone, we saw each other every day, and did everything together, and when I did have to work late at night, our communication was so 'on point' that he knew if I wasn't home by a certain time, then there was something wrong.  The key to our relationship was and still is communication.  The phone is my life line now to my best friend.   And hubby and I have been speaking nearly every day since he has been put away.  







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